Photo Gallery

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White Vinyl Centaur Horse Fence
Three Rail White Vinyl Fence
This white Vinyl fence is a beautiful addition to any estate.  It can be used
to contain horses.
Woven Wire Fence for Horses with Top Rail
Stay-Tuff™ with Centaur® HTP Top Rail
This fence is a fixed knot woven wire with a top rail and was used around
a horse pasture for a smaller paddock.
A top rail is used as a sight rail or visual barrier to prevent animals from
challenging the fence.  With 4000 lbs of break strength, a top rail adds
strength and beauty to the fence.
Post & Board Fence
Post and Board Fences highlight a country setting.
Wood Post and Board Fence
Pipe Sorting Pen—Before Paint
This pen consist of 14 separate sorting pens, alley ways, gates, scale,
and semi- & stock trailer unloading areas.
Hand Built Pipe sorting pens for cattle
High Tensile Fixed Knot 949-12
This fence was built 20 ft on center post spacing.  It is ideal for perimeter
fencing and is tough enough to keep these Texas Long Horns in.
Texal Longhorns behind a fixed knot woven wire fence.
High Tensile Fixed Knot Woven Wire Fence
This high tensile woven wire fence is a versatile solution for horse, cattle,
sheep, or goats.  It can vary in height and be installed with a top rail to add
strength and beauty.
A High Tensile Woven Wire fence spings back to shape when charged by an animal.
High Tensile Barb Wire
Our High—Tensile Barb Wire fencing is class 3 galvanized wire.  It is
perfect for cattle fencing for use in perimeters.
Barb Wire is perfect for perimeter fencing
Hand Built Continuous Pipe Fence
This type of fence is extremely durable and used in high confinement
areas, primarily feedlot operations.  It is known for its longevity.
This hand built pipe fence is painted white and looks beautiful
Electro Braid™
Five Strand Electric Fence.  Durable, perfect for horses.
Electrobraid strands make a low cost horse fence.
Post Driver
One of our post drivers on the fence line.
One of our post driving machines.
Centaur HTP® Black
Centaur HTP is a high tensile polymer the incorporates three strands of
high tensile wire.  This makes each rail exceptionally strong with over
4000 lbs of break strength.  It has a 30 year warranty and it looks great!
Black Centaur HTP fencing looks like painted wood but has all of the qualities of a manufactured vinyl fence.
Barb Wire
This barb wire fence is perfect for perimeter fencing.  Wooded areas can
be selectively cleared for the fence row and run directly through wooded
This barb wire goes directly through a wooded area after being cleared of trees and brush.