Life doesn't always give you a clear path, but McGill Fence can.  Tree and Brush removal is
often necessary in order to clear areas for pastures, right of way, or fence rows.  We can
clear just about anything in the way of your clear path.  Our contract clearing covers
applications in conservation management, right of ways, farm and ranch.

Our brush clearer and mulcher can easily reduce underbrush and smaller trees to mulch or
wood chips.  It can effortlessly handle trees up to 5” diameter.   It is perfect for clearing heavy
underbrush in pastures, on edges of forests or roadways.  

With our Monster Tree Saw, we can selectively clear specific trees or entire areas of large
diameter trees.  The whole tree can be cut below ground level and completely removed.  No
more big stumps or large holes from stump removal.  The cut is so low that you can run over
it with a mower.  The root base of the tree and the soil remain in tact and the roots act to
stabilize the soil.  This tree saw has applications in conservation efforts, controlling invasive
species, vegetation management, park trail maintenance, and many more.  The monster
tree saw has its own page link on the left, with plenty of information and machine

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Brush & Tree Removal Service
Our Tree Removal Service uses our Monster Tree Saw to selectively clear trees or clear entire areas.